Good Egg Records

Sean Wesley Wood

Known by many as Sean Wesley Wood,  or by others as Salty Sean Le Pawn or lastly Sugardrop Seanthe man has gone through many transitions to get to where he is now which is of course the "jewel of the north" Prince George in the northern climes of British Columbia. Writing and recording songs in his humble little studio to help pass the time he is hoping some of you will find some comfort in the somewhat dark subject matter that is extracted from these times in which we live and the ways they affect us and cause us to behave towards one another.

Sean began his musical journey in the greater Vancouver area where he played out as much as he could; even starting a few bands along the way most notably the "Vancouver Vipers" as well as an earlier band "Butterflies Attack" but always cultivating his solo material and honing his craft as a sort of one many entity. Now he is happy to be where he is living among the hills and the mills in this little town he calls home. 

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