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WHERE DID SUMMER GO!? As the air gets nippy and the grass gets frosty, we are happily waving goodbye to the Summer months here at Good Egg HQ, because Fall has so many good things in store for us. September has been a wildly exciting month for us, with both AMY BLANDING and BRITT A.M. launching new albums to great crowds at their respective launch parties. These albums are full of top-notch songwriting and musicianship, and a bunch of earworms to boot. Be sure to snag these albums, you’ll be adding some true gems to your music collection!


Up next, NAOMI KAVKA will be releasing her much anticipated 7” vinyl EP, Down the Line, on October 30, and following that will be SALTWATER HANK’S new EP, which centres on the experience of tree planting, as a theme.

Britt Meierhofer

Digital streams, that is! We’ve got some exciting releases happening this fall, three of which are coming from AMY BLANDING (Sept. 14), BRITT A.M. (Sept. 20) and NAOMI KAVKA (Oct. 30). These three women have been dreaming and scheming this Summer in anticipation of their respective releases, working hard to lay a solid foundation to launch their albums from.

Naomi Kavka recently finished a successful presales campaign for her upcoming EP, Back West, which will hit the market on October 30, 2019. The follow up to her 2017 release, Slammed Doors and Severance, Back West will be Kavka’s first release on vinyl and a true gem to add to your collection. Mark your calendars, as these beautiful and heart wrenching tunes are encapsulated warmly on this limited vinyl release with equally as striking cover art.

Currently, Amy Blanding has a presales campaign in action for her September 14, 2019 release, Down the Line. Marking a debut album for Amy, Down the Line is a labour of love and expertise developed through performing alongside some of Lheidli T’enneh’s finest in the folk band Black Spruce Bog, as well as backing parts in other music projects in Northern BC.

This campaign runs until August 14, with opportunities to secure bonus content such as a song written for you by Blanding, or an intimate house concert! To get in on these early bird specials and to support the upcoming album launch, click the video the the left.

Coming up soon, Britt A.M. will be releasing the first single of off her September 20, 2019 release, Psychic Knots. Having traded in her loop pedal for a full band, Psychic Knots marks the beginning of a new era for the ever-evolving artist. Featuring the talents of some of Northern BC’s finest, Psychic Knots is a post-punk feminist tapestry woven from a vulnerable yet powerful space. Stay tuned for upcoming singles and preorder opportunities!

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Britt Meierhofer

Come to the PG Legion on April 27 for our seasonal showcase, A SPRING FLING! Featuring AMY BLANDING, THE BRAIN PORTER, BRITT AM, CRONES, NAOMI KAVKA and SEAN WESLEY WOOD, the night is sure to thrill as these Good Eggs go slingin’ Spring Fling zingers you can cut a rug to!


ALSO! Have you checked out CRONES’ brand new gem of an album, AGHAST? It’s available now on BANDCAMP and other streaming services, go get it for toe-tapping, beard-bobbing, chud-rock good times!

Britt Meierhofer

Crones are releasing their full-length album, AGHAST, on March 16th and they’ve let the first single, BLEAKNESS, out of the bag! The launch show will be happening at the PG Legion on March 16 ( more info HERE ) and in the mean time, you can pre-order HERE and drink in the official video for BLEAKNESS below!

Britt Meierhofer
Holy Yolks, it's 2019!

Well, 2018 was a heck of a year for us here at GOOD EGG RECORDS. Launching with a beauty of a show back in April, GOOD EGG RECORDS housed six releases in 2018, including our first compilation, SCRAMBLED EGGS. The past year saw new releases from Saltwater Hank, Sean Wesley Wood, Danny Bell and His Disappointments, Children of the Wave and Flying Machine, and we introduced our label and artists to folx at Breakout West, Folk Music Ontario and Northern Exposure conferences. It was a great first year and our success is largely due to the support of music fans and peers in the industry, so thank you for being such GOOD EGGS and joining us on this eggcellent journey! This year’s work has set a solid foundation for eggciting developments in 2019, with the first up being a March 16 album launch by CRONES! Mark your calendars, and get ready for more releases later in the year, including a debut album from Amy Blanding and a new release from Britt A.M., amongst others! We also have some fun showcases lined up, with the first being on January 12 at the Prince George Legion, a tribute to musicians who passed away in 2018 called SONGS CARRY ON. These are just a few of the things we are looking forward to in 2019, and we are stoked to bring you great music by stellar artists for yet another year!

Britt Meierhofer