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Crones' new album Aghast is a genre hopping, hip shaking, questioning stare into the abyss of the Western consumerist's day to day. From the pastoral yet uneasy tunefulness of "Solid Gold Hatchback" to the manic energy of "Gatorade", Aghast is awash in the unease and dissatisfaction that permeates a life built on the notion that everything can and must be bought and sold.

Recorded in their hometown of Prince George, BC in a marathon two day session, Crones have captured their “let’s hang out and scream some tunes” live energy on Aghast. The album follows in the eclectic tradition of the group's DIY, home recorded albums, EPs, and one off oddities but with the added punch of professional recording, mixing, and mastering.



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Main songwriter Nathan Kelly (vocals, guitar), Britt Meierhofer (vocals), Chris Dibbens (bass, vocals), Cal Hilde (keys, guitar), and Landon Hilde (drums) have crafted a stylistically diverse yet cohesive album of hooky alt-rock tracks which aim to both confront and comfort. Crones believe there is little else more assuring than the knowledge that your feelings are shared by others.