Good Egg Records


Crones started out as the solo project of Nathan Kelly filling rooms with edgy falsettos and evocative lyrics over a grounded acoustic guitar. Since then, Crones has expanded to become a five-piece indie-rock band, keeping the same lyrical sensibilities, and making music the audience can cut loose to on the dance floor.

Crones has a “let’s hang-out and scream some tunes” style when it comes to writing, recording and performing live. To Crones, music is supposed to be fun. This vibe is imbued in the band’s series of EPs, demos and one off-oddities that have lead to their first full length album, “Air Chud”.  

crones n' BJ.jpg

While working on new material to record and release in the near future, Crones plans to continue to make audiences dance, laugh, faint, party and have a good time wherever and whenever they can.